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Sun Aug 9 14:39:11 GMT 2015

Yes, it has a mild squelch noise burst at end of FM reception, even when 
engaged with CTCSS rx squelch.  There are issues when trying to 
integrate the DR-1x repeater into an existing repeater controller for 
slave operation or link operation.  For one, the rear 15 pin connector 
does *not* provide full duplex audio.  When PTT is asserted on the rear 
panel connector, repeat through audio on the repeater channel is 
momentarily muted and TX audio connected to the rear connector takes 
priority and RX audio at the rear connector is muted along with CTCSS 
and Carrier detect lines go in-active.  Also, it seems, there is a need 
to re-insert CTCSS tone modulation since the repeater CTCSS set up for 
repeater tone encoding does work in remote control (rear panel 
connector) operation.  There is a separate rear connector audio input to 
the repeater for this external CTCSS encoder.  I have acquired a 
Selectone encoder for the job.  I suspect the Wires  IP controller will 
provide this encoding capability, but I will have to study that 
further.   All this applies to FM operation.  For digital voice, there 
is resolved demodulated audio at the rear connector but applied analogue 
modulation can not be transmitted as digital voice.

In the meantime, a select few of us folks in Orleans are using the 
repeater mainly in digital mode with FT1-d portables and another has a 
FT2-d  portable on order and the digital stuff works reasonably well.

BTW, the C4FM four level FSK modulation used by Yaesu is the same as 
Phase 1 P25 used by the Public Safety folks, and I suspect the full rate 
vocoder is the same DVSI one used in P25.  The frame structure is 
obviously not the same as Yaesu digital and therefore the 2 types are 

And, for those that are interested, I will be bringing out a DR-1x 
repeater and Yaesu FT1d and FT2d portables and System Fusion mobile to 
the OVMRC club meeting Thur evening Sept 24 at the Aviation Museum for a 
presentation and working demo.  All are welcome to attend.

73 de Norm VE3LC

On 2015-08-09 8:18 AM, Robin Webb wrote:
> Hello All
> The Almonte club has been operating the Yaesu repeater now for over 8 months. It is set to 25 watts on a frequency of 147.270+ 100hz tone. Call sign is VE3WJC and is located just outside Almonte on a 100ft tower. Firmware has only been upgraded once. One problem we occasionally have is a squelch noise burst following a receive signal.
> It is configured for FM and digital operation. To our knowledge very few if any use the latter.
> As many may be aware the club has adopted D-STAR for its DV operations.
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> 73 Rob VE3UIX
> President, Almonte Amateur Radio Club. www.almontearclub.ca
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