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Norm Rashleigh rashleigh at sympatico.ca
Sat Aug 8 23:20:32 GMT 2015

And further information to the SLVRC.  VE3MPC uhf,  444.4000 + 5 MHz, is 
now also on the air with a Yaesu System Fusion repeater but only running 
20 watts TX power.  Unfortunately, the  equipment  is not rated for 50 
watts continuous duty.  As opposed to the previous FM only repeater, the 
new Yaesu equipment is *not* slaved to the VHF VE3MPC repeater channel. 
   The VE3MPC system fusion repeater is configured for *mixed" mode of 
operation, that is FM in results in FM out, and digital in, digital 
out.  For FM operation on the UHF channel, 100 Hz CTCSS is required.  
Those wanting to operate FM on VE3MPC / UHF should monitor the channel 
with an open squelch momentarily to insure there is not active digital 
traffic happening.  The operation of VE3MPC VHF, 147.150 +, remains 
solely FM with carrier squelch.

I can also report that two Yaesu system fusion repeaters have also been 
acquired for the VE3TWO site operated by the Ottawa Valley Mobile Radio 
Club.  One is intended for operation on the VHF channel 147.300 + and 
the other for the UHF channel 444.2000 + 5 .   We hope to have these in 
operation soon.

On another subject:

Also, as usual, the Ottawa Valley Mobile Radio Club is sponsoring an 
Amateur Radio Course this fall with registration happening Monday 
evening, Sept 21 at the Canadian Aviation and Space Museum.  Pass the 
word to  those that may be interested, send me an email. VE3LC at rac.ca

Norm Rashleigh, VE3LC
President, OVMRC

On 2015-08-08 3:18 PM, Ve3ipc at aol.com wrote:
> Information for SLVRC,
> This is to inform you that the VA3TLO RPT is on air with 50 watts, 
> July 30th using a brand new Yeasu Fusion RPT.
> Please confirm that you got this OK.
> Mike VE3IPC
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