[SLVRCLIST] Repeater equipment

Peter Gamble gamble at willowfalls.ca
Tue Jul 30 10:18:17 GMT 2013


EMRG-Ottawa ARES is selling some repeater equipment that is surplus to 
our needs. I'll be taking it to the Hamfest in Carp this Sept, and 
thought I'd let people know in advance.

If you're interested before the hamfest, please write me directly;    
pgamble at emrg.ca

    MSR2000     30W, VHF (150-160MHz), full duplex base station (has 
separate TX/RX connections)
    MSR2000     30W, VHF (150-160MHz), base station (has single TX/RX 
connection, but can be modified for full duplex)
    GE Phoenix VHF Mobile repeater (2 mobile radios and a controller)
    GE Phoenix UHF Mobile repeater (2 mobile radios and a controller)
    GE Base Station repeater (AC Powered) VHF (currently on 148.xxx MHz) 
(converted desktop base station full duplex repeater)

1/2" HELIAX CABLE (Estimated length)
    28 ft N (F) Connector one end, no connector on the other (We may 
have an extra used connector)
    40 ft N (F) and N (M) connectors
    55 ft N (F) and N (M) connectors
    20 ft no connectors

LMR600 CABLE (Estimated length, some nicks in outer jacket)
    75 ft N (F) and N (M) connectors


Peter Gamble -VE3BQP
Technical Coordinator
Emergency Measures Radio Group -Ottawa ARES

Email: pgamble at emrg.ca
Web Site: www.emrg.ca
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