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Carl Beaudry va2cmb at ve2reh.com
Wed Jan 2 01:43:33 GMT 2013

Hi Graham,

Thank you and the SLVRC team for the 2013 wishes, same thing to you and the team.

I send a copy of your email to all our member to see if somebody would be interested by any vacant position.

But I have not receved anything yet.

We are having our Winther réunion the 19 of January and a point will be reserved to SLVRC, the ARAI is concern about the situation and would like to see the SLVRC continue is goog work.

But I understand the lack of peaple that would like to help, we have the same problem in our association, we send email to the group (about 40 members) about new and have litle or no response, and wen a activity is organised there is not or litle interesss...

It seam that ham radio opérator, for the major part anyway as become lazy or y dont know what?

Anyway I hope everything get solved soon.

Best 73
Président ARAI 
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  This message is important.  Please read it through.

  Mike, Pierre and I send you all our best wishes for 2013.

  This continues to be a difficult season for the Council, and this will explain why you have not been asked for the 2012 Technical Information Reports for your systems - reports that were due by the end of October.

  Early in the year we began an overhaul of the reporting and database systems.   Jeff, VA3ISP, offered to improve the SLVRC systems - to simplify the technical information reporting and the following updating and maintenance of the frequency-use database.  This work has not been completed.  Because of the systems work in progress, we did not really want a relative flood of TI Reports coming in that would need to be recorded and processed.   Please be assured though, we will request your TI Reports when the systems work is completed.  I hope this may be soon.

  The other area that continues to be troublesome and frustrating is the lack of manpower - a few amateurs willing to take on an SLVRC function so that the Council can continue to operate - keeping in mind that this effort is for the benefit of the amateur radio community at large.  

  Nand, VA3TN, took on the position of Frequency Coordinator in the spring of this year.  This was a great help.  Unfortunately, Nand has recently resigned from this post, leaving it vacant.  

  Mike, VE3UIL, has been working for many years as Secretary, and as well has maintained the database and other records.  The database is a function of the Frequency Coordinator, when we have one.  Pierre, VE3FLO, continues to hold the Treasurer position, but Pierre is away from the region for extended periods through the year.  

  I have been hoping for many years now to find a replacement Chairman.  I have been working on the SLVRC executive for more than 25 years.  After holding every post except treasurer over the years, I took on the Chairman role again on an interim basis (plus often acting also as Frequency Coordinator) following Tim's VE3UO period as Chairman, because there was nobody willing to take it on.   'Interim' can become 'Forever' with ease, I have found.  

  It is time now for new SLVRC officers.  I ask you all to consider taking on a position with the SLVRC.  I am sure there are many of you out there who could devote some time for the work of the Council.  I believe the SLVRC has performed a useful function for many years.  If it is to continue, we must have some volunteers.  Please note that I wrote about these same situations in January of this year - and the response from local amateurs was effectively zero.  It is strange to me that other frequency coordination councils appear to have enthusiastic participation on their executives - see for yourself at UNYREPCO, WNYSORC and BCARCC.

  The alternative to seeing volunteers coming forward at this time is this - it will be necessary to decide on terminating the work of Saint Lawrence Valley Repeater Council.  It is up to you at this point.  There is perhaps an alternative to having a regional frequency coordination function - but you would be on your own for sorting out potential or resulting interference problems and first-on-frequency issues.

  I am hoping I will hear from a number of you, soon.  73.

  Graham Ide  VE3BYT
  Chairman, SLVRC


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