[SLVRCLIST] Eastern Ontario Packet on 145.010

Douglas Pearson pearsod at cogeco.ca
Tue Feb 26 15:23:14 GMT 2013

Peter: We ran a digi on 145.030 for a number of years, part of our ARES
infrastructure. Due to poor coverage and no other nodes to connect to,
usage was zero according to the logs. So about 18 months ago I changed
the node at our VE3SVC repeater site in Cornwall from 145.030 to 144.390
to make it an APRS fill in node. At least it gets some usage now according
to www.aprs.fi.

It is possible to enter the packet network from here via VE2RM on 145.010
in Rigaud (Montréal) but my monitoring (albeit fairly limited) would suggest
near zero usage there as well.

As D-STAR is fairly well established in this area now, and even its low
speed data channel is as fast as 1200 bps packet, our efforts towards ARES
digital capability will be focused on it rather than on traditional packet.
It is difficult to find anyone in this area that even has a working TNC or
packet station anymore. It would appear the days of 1200 packet, except
for APRS, are over.

73 de VE3HTR

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Hi Mike

Thanks for the information.

Since I sent my email last night, I have been able to hear VE3STP and
have successfully connected to it. It seems that 145.010 is not very
busy. From late afternoon yesterday, up to this morning, only 3 stations
were heard.

I will be leaving the station in Barrhaven on 145.010 for now, so if
anyone wants to use it as a digi, it's callsign is VA3OFS. If having
this as a site in the 145.010 network is useful, I think we could make
it permanent. It has generator and battery backup, so it is a good site,
if the location is useful.


On 26/02/2013 7:11 AM, Mike Ligeza wrote:
> Hi Peter
> I am running on 145.010 here in Smiths Falls, but at low power. We also
> had a digi at our voice repeater site in Smiths Falls but it was
> disassembled when we re-arranged antennas.  We hope to re-establish this
> shortly.
> I was at one point able to establish links thru our digi with Renfrew on
> 145.010 via Gil VE3BHA, but unfortunately he passed away.  His system was
> terminated when he went SK.
> I THINK Gil had a link with VE3STP on 145.010 which provided a link to
> VE3UCR at Foymount.  However since Gill passed away I don't know what has
> happened at VE3STP.
> On 2/25/2013 18:29, Peter Gamble wrote:
>> Hi
>> I'm hoping  to find someone who can give me some insight in the packet
>> network on 145.010 in Eastern Ontario.
>> I am working on establishing an ARES packet link from Pembroke to Ottawa.
>> The ARES group in Renfrew uses packet a lot and now I am setting up the
>> Ottawa end so we can use it to exchange information for the Red Cross.
>> My problem is that I cannot hear anything on 145.010. I tried at my QTH
>> in Alta Vista with different antennas and radios, but nothing. Today I
>> set up a node in Barrhaven at the Fire Station on a good high antenna and
>> still nothing. I can connect to the station at the fire station
>> (VA3OFS-1), but it is not hearing anything else on 145.010.
>> Is there a problem with the network, am I missing something. Any help or
>> suggestions greatly appreciated.
>> Regards
>> Peter

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