[SLVRCLIST] Eastern Ontario Packet on 145.010

Peter Gamble gamble at willowfalls.ca
Tue Feb 26 12:17:40 GMT 2013

Hi Mike

Thanks for the information.

Since I sent my email last night, I have been able to hear VE3STP and 
have successfully connected to it. It seems that 145.010 is not very 
busy. From late afternoon yesterday, up to this morning, only 3 stations 
were heard.

I will be leaving the station in Barrhaven on 145.010 for now, so if 
anyone wants to use it as a digi, it's callsign is VA3OFS. If having 
this as a site in the 145.010 network is useful, I think we could make 
it permanent. It has generator and battery backup, so it is a good site, 
if the location is useful.


On 26/02/2013 7:11 AM, Mike Ligeza wrote:
> Hi Peter
> I am running on 145.010 here in Smiths Falls, but at low power. We 
> also had a digi at our voice repeater site in Smiths Falls but it was 
> disassembled when we re-arranged antennas.  We hope to re-establish 
> this shortly.
> I was at one point able to establish links thru our digi with Renfrew 
> on 145.010 via Gil VE3BHA, but unfortunately he passed away.  His 
> system was terminated when he went SK.
> I THINK Gil had a link with VE3STP on 145.010 which provided a link to 
> VE3UCR at Foymount.  However since Gill passed away I don't know what 
> has happened at VE3STP.
> On 2/25/2013 18:29, Peter Gamble wrote:
>> Hi
>> I'm hoping  to find someone who can give me some insight in the 
>> packet network on 145.010 in Eastern Ontario.
>> I am working on establishing an ARES packet link from Pembroke to 
>> Ottawa. The ARES group in Renfrew uses packet a lot and now I am 
>> setting up the Ottawa end so we can use it to exchange information 
>> for the Red Cross.
>> My problem is that I cannot hear anything on 145.010. I tried at my 
>> QTH in Alta Vista with different antennas and radios, but nothing. 
>> Today I set up a node in Barrhaven at the Fire Station on a good high 
>> antenna and still nothing. I can connect to the station at the fire 
>> station (VA3OFS-1), but it is not hearing anything else on 145.010.
>> Is there a problem with the network, am I missing something. Any help 
>> or suggestions greatly appreciated.
>> Regards
>> Peter

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