[SLVRCLIST] Eastern Ontario Packet on 145.010

Rob ve3uix at almontearclub.ca
Tue Feb 26 00:58:33 GMT 2013

Hi Peter
I have forwarded your email to Norm VE3VY who is very much into packet in Lanark North Leeds. 

I have listened a number of times on the various known packet frequencies in the area. Generally all the frequencies were essentially silent.

The Almonte Amateur Radio Club (AARC) has chosen to adopt D-Star as the core system for emergency use. However we were considering establishing a permanent packet node at the  EOC located at the Almonte General Hospital to link up to winlink/winmore but are having second thoughts due to the lightness of traffic. So now the plan is to have a station that is capable of 
being deployed at the EOC at short notice. Traffic can then be passed to the D-star d rats system. Further, we are exploring interoperability and connectivity to permit seamless operation with the various systems including traffic via HF.

For information on AARC EMERG operations visit our website at www.almontearclub.ca. 

The AARC D-star system is usually linked via a reflector to provide wide area coverage in Ottawa, Mississippi Mills and west to Perth and beyond. Individual "hot spots" often set up by members enhance coverage in poor signal areas.

73 Rob VE3UIX
President Almonte Amateur Radio Club

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On 2013-02-25, at 18:29, Peter Gamble <gamble at willowfalls.ca> wrote:

> Hi
> I'm hoping  to find someone who can give me some insight in the packet network on 145.010 in Eastern Ontario.
> I am working on establishing an ARES packet link from Pembroke to Ottawa. The ARES group in Renfrew uses packet a lot and now I am setting up the Ottawa end so we can use it to exchange information for the Red Cross.
> My problem is that I cannot hear anything on 145.010. I tried at my QTH in Alta Vista with different antennas and radios, but nothing. Today I set up a node in Barrhaven at the Fire Station on a good high antenna and still nothing. I can connect to the station at the fire station (VA3OFS-1), but it is not hearing anything else on 145.010.
> Is there a problem with the network, am I missing something. Any help or suggestions greatly appreciated.
> Regards
> Peter
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