[SLVRCLIST] Motorola TDMA Digital For Amateur Repeater

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Hi folks.

Interesting about the new tdma stuff available from Motorola.  I would suspect that IC would not have any problem with this stuff for amateur application since it is just another digital protocol such as P25 and D-Star  as long as it doesn't use an overlay of encryption.    And yes, a single rf channel repeater should support two simultaneous conversations.  The big deal with this stuff, however, is it is exclusive to itself and likely solely available at the present time from Motorola.  It would have to be supported with a extensive inventory of user equipment to make it worth while.  And, being tdma, I'm not sure there would be a "simplex" mode of operation to user gear..  Worthy of more investigation..

Norm Rashleigh

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  I was wondering if anyone had looked into the use of the Motorola "Mototrbo" TDMA digital repeater for Amateur radio use. I know there are some in the US and was just wondering if Industry Canada had expressed their view.

  Mototrbo is a 2 slot TDMA system, so you have 2 talk paths in a single 12.5 kHz channel. I'm not planning on installing one right away, but it is an interesting solution for a portable shelter kit, that allows operation on 2 channels simultaneously, with external radios to link it to wide area repeaters. Cross band repeaters are great for a single channel, but it becomes more complicated when you need two or more channels at a shelter.


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