[SLVRCLIST] EMRG West End Community Repeater On The Air

Peter Gamble gamble at igs.net
Wed Aug 13 15:18:38 UTC 2008


After some time and effort, the EMRG West End Community Repeater VA3EMV/W is 
now on the air. People are welcome to give it a try and let me know if they 
have any issues.

  RX: 146.985   CTCSS 123.0 Hz
  TX: 146.385   CTCSS 123.0 Hz

The purpose of the repeater is to provide coverage in the Western part of 
the City of Ottawa, mostly West Kanata out to the West edge of the City, up 
into West Carleton and South of Stittsville. In an emergency, we would use 
this repeater to support local citizen patrols, link shelters, etc in that 
area. There will be a few places that may require a cross-band repeater to 
reach, due to the hills in the area.

Like all EMRG repeaters, they are open for anyone to use. EMRG has priority 
for exercises and in an emergency. We expect the use of the repeaters to be 
civil conversations of a general nature, with Amateur and technical related 
conversations getting high marks.

The repeater is located at the Fire Station (Stn 81) on Main St in 
Stittsville and shares a 210C-2 VHF antenna with the Ottawa Fire paging 
system. Ottawa Fire approved our proposal to use this site and share the 
antenna, as well as providing an excellent used Motorola MTR-2000 repeater 
for the installation. As part of our agreement for access to OFS sites, the 
installation was done by a commercial radio technician (Glentel -TimeMCI). 
The Cities Office of Emergency Management (OEM) provided the funding to pay 
for the installation. This is another example of the excellent partnership 
between EMRG, the Office of Emergency Management and Ottawa Fire Service.

The sister repeater to this is located in Cumberland, using the same 
frequency but a 100.0 Hz tone. It provides the same function , but in the 
East end, with its purpose to cover from Old Innes road East to the City 
border. Once again, there are a few places that would require a cross-band 
repeater to reach.

  RX: 146.985   CTCSS 100.0 Hz
  TX: 146.385   CTCSS 100.0 Hz


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Team Leader -Emergency Measures Radio Group
Emergency Coordinator (EC) -Ottawa ARES

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