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Tim Pekkonen tim.ve3uo at gmail.com
Sun Nov 12 22:21:09 EST 2006

Hello everyone;

Well the Fall SLVRC meeting has come and gone, and as the saying goes, 'a
good time was had by all'. There were few familiar faces missing; we
resolved, or will shortly resolve some outstanding coordination issues; and
set the date for the Spring 2007 meeting. As always. the meeting left us
with some issues and notes to pass along. So this is the reason for this
email message.

1) There are still a lot of annual reports due. This year is also a 'full
report' year. This is so we have the most accurate and up to date
information available. There always seems to be some note or detail that
changes with a repeater system so it is a good time to make sure your
information is up to date. We ask for full reports every three years with
existing systems, so the next full report will be  required in 2009.

2) The 2m and 70 cm bands repeater channels are quite full and some
frequencies have been either coordinated and  not been put to use, or
existing repeaters have gone silent for extended periods. As there are
outstanding requests, the Council is asking those clubs that have unused
frequencies coordinated to look at their long range plans and consider
releasing those frequencies back to the Council if it appears that you might
not be using them anymore. There are 40 repeater channels coordinated - 23
on 2m, and 17 on 70cm in the National Capital Region alone.

3) A reminder that as of last fall's SLVRC meeting, CTCSS tones are
mandatory on all NEW coordinations on 2 meters and 70 cm; and strongly
suggested on all other bands. This applies to both repeater input and
output. The actual wording from last fall's meeting  minutes as is follows:

"that tones be required on the inputs and output of newly coordinated
systems;  in the event of interference, tones will be required on both
systems, in and out. Tones shall be mandatory on new systems in the 144 and
440 MHz bands, and strongly recommended on all bands.  In the event of
interference, in any band, tones become mandatory on both systems TO RETAIN
THEIR COORDINATED STATUS.  This motion was carried enthusiastically, and the
policy is to apply immediately."

4) The Spring 2007 meeting will be on Saturday May 12, at 1:00 PM, following
the Smith's Falls Fleamarket. Please circle the date now and make a day of
it, to attend the excellent fleamarket in the morning and take in the Spring
SLVRC meeting.

5)  The Three-year term of the SLVRC Executive is up next Spring so there
will be elections at the next Meeting. I have had the honour of serving as
Chairman for two terms and will not be seeking another term in the 'big
chair'. I think it is time for a change for the Chairman's position. I've
enjoyed my terms and will continue to be  involved with and support SLVRC
whenever I can.

Graham VE3BYT will have the minutes of the Fall meeting on the SLVRC
shortly, you can check there for a few other issues and questions which came
up at the meeting and require some comments and feedback.

Thanks and 73,

Chairman, SLVRC

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Tim Pekkonen VE3UO
ve3uo at rac.ca
Belleville ON FN14hd
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