[SLVRCLIST] EMRG VHF Repeater Upgraded In Ottawa

Gamble at igs.net gamble at igs.net
Wed Dec 27 19:32:39 EST 2006


I would like to let everyone know that the Emergency Measures Radio Group 
(EMRG) just completed the upgrade of our VHF voice repeater in Ottawa 
(VE3OCE 146.880 -). The new repeater is a Motorola MTR-2000 connected to a 
higher antenna on the tower, with slightly higher power and a battery backup 
system. This is part of our efforts to make sure we have high quality, 
dependable repeaters as part of our emergency communications services 
provided by Amateur radio in Ottawa.

There is also a new radio for packet which is multi-coupled on the same 
210C-4 antenna. It will be fully operational once we wire the TNC interface 
to the radio.

Peter - VE3BQP
Team Leader - EMRG
EC - Ottawa ARES

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