[SLVRCLIST] VE2CRA 2m changes for this weekend

Richard G Furniss slvrclist@slvrc.org
Wed Feb 5 18:47:00 2003


 It's my opinion that the 2CRA clone in VanKleek hill doesn't cover
Buckingham and points North of there very well at all, for the ski
marathon, so I'm going to check on KPG's coverage there. If it's ok I'll
promote it's use as the Sunday afternoon replacement for 2CRA in VanKleek
hill as it fades out.

 We are of course always grateful that we can list VE2KPG on our list of
Canadian Ski Marathon repeaters as a "West end" backup. Thanks on behalf
of all of us who don't use it but might need it at a moments notice.

				Rick, VE3IHI
				(11 years on the Ski Marathon and counting)

On Wed, 5 Feb 2003 17:14:30 -0500 John Belrose <john.belrose@crc.ca>
> >HI everyone,
> >
> >It's ski marathon weekend again and I have put a second 34/94 
> >repeater on the air down at Van Kleek Hill. It will be shut off by 
> >Tuesday, Feb 11.
> >
> >If we should have repeater problems we may be using other repeaters 
> >that serve the Lachute to Buckingham region. I believe that we have 
> >contacted those whose repeaters we have designated as backups for 
> >the marathon.
> >
> >Thanks,
> >Harrie
> >
> >_______________________________________________
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> >SLVRCList@slvrc.org
> >http://www.slvrc.org/mailman/listinfo/slvrclist
> George, if you do, I suggest you shut off the local VE2CRA Repeater. 
> If anyone wants to use a local repeater they can use VE2KPG --- this 
> repeater sits there hour-after-hour silent.
> 73, Jack, VE2CV

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